Follow Your Star

Many hold people and things into our lives for the feeling of acceptance, we look to celebrities, politicians, role models, acquiring material possessions, having a societies deemed norms, etc., as the path in defining ourselves being wrong or right.

However, this thinking can be flawed, for no one person is perfect, because mostly the people we follow are either hiding their flaws, paying them off, or placing their inadequacies in other directions.

  • Most celebrities don’t have the same problem as everyday people
    • Most of us work 9 to 5 jobs
    • Do not have 15 personal assistance to do our every bidding
    • Unlimited funds to covering up secrets
  • Most role models are human and have flaws like we all do
  • Acquiring  the “Jones” lifestyle will not make you more friends, but more enemies and fake-ness
    • “Mo Money Mo Problems”

I never liked the book by Steve Harvey.

Goes to show that a man with anti-intellectual, homophobic, gender-normative, etc., can be so revered. Now before those who love him go into a frenzy; watch the CNN news clip he did. I don’t know about you, but a person who judges people negatively because they don’t follow the ways one deems right and insults them, is an ignorant, self loathing person. We were not put on this earth to be insulted for following someone else’s dictation of how life should be. It’s funny how his book became so relevant written by a man who does not follow that of a honest/good man.

But I digress in my point because this has been a long going fight that has been happening for years, on how we place power in majority of those that don’t deserve it.

Women today already know majority of the information that was placed in that book. I believe a few known truths are:

  • Men need to feel like they are providing to the “family” to feel secure
  • A Man will show you how they feel about you; women just need to listen to the actions
  • Act the way you want to be represented.
    • Like the song says: do not expect to act like a nickle and have the treatment of a dime

Long story short a woman should know her worth, her value and her expectations on treatment. Once a woman understands these three things the experiences that come to pass are more enlightening than the limitations. Same as for a man, but there are rarely books ever popularized by ways to treat/catch/keep a man.

My underlying point which I will speak about more later(relationships) is despite the books, the lectures, the blogs or the lessons. Be yourself, accept yourself and know what you will accept in return. For if you deviate from either of these things, the acceptance and happiness in the people you accept in your life will be gravely lessened in experience.

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