Birds of a Feather


It is said that “Birds of a Feather Flock Together“; also known as “people of the same sort or with the same tastes and interests will be found together.”

However, in reality this is only the surface layer. Your true friend will not always like all the same things you do or have the same taste or interest. Sometimes your friends will have differences in opinion or interest. That’s the beauty of life, if you think about it.  The many differences that tie us together are better than the similarities that bring us together.

But there is a huge downfall in society today. We do not accept our friends for who they are; most of us put up a facade in fear of being known for our true selves. We stay silent when another friend is being treated wrong or even verbal/physical disrespect a friend with no bases. Now we all make mistakes in life, and we are only human, but for what price do we apologize or find what we did as wrong, our egos.

Sadly, some of us accept friendships based on what someone can offer us that is tangible. Then we turn around and wonder why the friends we have are not as substantial as we thought. Reminiscent of a Salt & Pepper song.

Then we look at reality shows and for some it’s like looking in a mirror:

  • Friends insulting friends behind their backs
  • Looking out to get something in return
  • Not having each others backs
  • Not truly caring for someone else’s concern, but your own
  • Speaking ill will of someone; when you yourself had done the same

But these can be known commonly as the surface birds. Those that are not true friends. For sometimes what you are is what you attract as well as a lesson to know better and change.

So the question is, are you a beautiful person. Are you a true friend. Do you have compassion and love for someone outside of yourself (besides family). Have you accepted yourself for who you are, all your faults and shortcomings and not afraid to let people know the truth.

If not, why not? What would it hurt to be a true friend, if karma is so true would it be a bad thing to do unto others as you want done to yourself. Is Michael Jackson’s song Man in the Mirror so wrong. To finally have people in your life that love you for you, that accept you for yourself as well as are there for you when you need them.

In life the goal is to truly love yourself. Love yourself enough to accept the right people in your life and say no to the wrong ones. Love yourself to know your worth and your value. That way those that are unable to afford your beauty (male or female) will only stay for a season. For as we all have notice when we hold onto the wrong people (or things) they will cause pain until we have no choice to let go. Love yourself and others will follow.


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