Life’s Little Gifts


The common saying is “Life’s Little Surprises”, but I like to think of them as gifts. Every change or chance that occurs in our life is a gift a lesson to do better, to try things another way or test our inner strength.

They say the number 3 is a powerful number:

  • Things come in three
  • The power of three
  • The biblical three

As random as it sounds, I use this example to state the first bullet point that it is a known statement that “things come to pass in threes”. However, why is this the case, why can’t one incident determine our strength. Is one point to determine our luck, the second point to reinstate our thoughts and the third point to test our strength. However, you arrange point one and two it all remains the same: there are three strong gifts to test our will, to change our outlook on life and to determine our next path in life.

For example and this might be a stretch, but bear with me; as this is my first blog to iterate my thoughts to the world:

You constantly date the same type of person (male or female). You tell yourself why do I keep dating the same type of person, why do I attract “___” type of people (You fill in anything).

Then three things happen in your life that seem like tragedies. Now call me the optimist, but I have had so many “three” things that I had no choice to call them tragedies at the time. It did not help to think “glass half empty”, or simply “glass with water”.

I came to the conclusion of thinking, “why me” and then realizing it happens to all of us. The only difference is that the gift we all experiences are exclusive in nature. Not one of us is singled out, but different paths to learn in our journey. That these gifts teach us to be stronger, more vocal, more sympathetic, more aggressive, more humble, or whatever your benefit may entail.

So yes, some of you may say I have analyzed this to death, but with the lessons I have learned. Simply, what does it hurt to start thinking of things in life with a more positive twist. To realize that the sad things that happen as lessons are gifts. Gifts that teach us to be better, to be appreciative more, to learn the value of ourselves in losing the same battles and embracing the “lesson” we are suppose to learn.


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